Domestic Violence:

Women and children are often in great danger in the place where they should be safest: within their families. For many, ‘home’ is where they face a regime of terror and violence at the hands of somebody close to them – somebody they should be able to trust. Those victimized suffer physically and psychologically. They are unable to make their own decisions, voice their own opinions or protect themselves for fear of further repercussions. Their Human Rights are denied and their lives are stolen from them by the ever-present threat of violence. Societies and governments often do not recognize Domestic Violence as a Human Rights violation. The violence is viewed as a private matter, and minimal efforts are made to stop it.

It occurs all over the world, in all social classes and within all cultures. Increasingly human rights standards can be used to fight domestic violence as a form of Violence Against Women. There is not one particular Treaty on the topic, but numerous Treaties and Declarations include references to ensure women and children’s safety in the home.  

Rights for Change promotes the use of the Domestic Violence Assessment Instrument (DOVA) which organisations can use in their work on combating domestic violence. With this instrument, organisations will be able to evaluate their government’s policies on domestic violence and point to specific areas requiring improvement. To learn more about DOVA, please follow this link.

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