What we can do for you:


R4C can assist you in several ways. Our services includes:

  • Provide knowledge and training on human and women's rights, to organisations, institutions and (local) governments
  • Provide workshops on how to use human rights standards to strengthen the research and advocacy of organisations
  • Provide strategic advice
  • Facilitate the use of the human rights impact assessment tools:            
    • health rights of women (HeRWAI);
    • domestic violence (DOVA);
    • trafficking in human beings (The RighT Guide)
    • mapping the situation on violence against women (VAW)
  • Share knowledge on human rights impact assessment methodologies, among others through our ResourceCenter: www.humanrightsimpact.org
  • Help develop new human rights impact assessment methodologies in other areas 
  • Advise organisations, institutions and (local) governments on assessing human rights impacts of their policies, and using the results of the assessment
  • Conduct human rights impact assessments
  • Evaluate projects in the field of human rights 

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