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Report on the Human Rights Impact of criminalization of sex work in Serbia

Recently ASTRA, JAZAS and organization Sloboda Prava (Equal Rights) published the report “Law above all and court practices; Impact of the criminalization of sex work on the human rights of sex workers and trafficked persons in Serbia”... Read more


Report on impact of trafficking law in Mexico

The Mexican Colectivo contra la Trata de Personas published its report on the impact of the new anti-trafficking law. The report, which was the result of a RighT Guide Assessment, lays down their findings and analyses the gap between what the law pretends to achieve and its actual effects on the lives and rights of both trafficked persons and sex workers.... Read more


RighT Guide training in India

From 4-6 June 2015 Marjan Wijers and Lin Chew gave a RighT Guide training in Panhala, India.... Read more


Training Philippines Sex Workers Collective

End of February 2015 R4C gave a training in the use of the RighT Guide to the Philippines Sex Workers Collective in Baguio in the Philippines.... Read more


Workshop at 3d World Congress of Women Shelters

At the 3d World Conference of Women's Shelters (3-6 November 2014 in the Netherlands), Rights4Change will conduct a workshop on using the human rights framework for advocacy, using the tool DOVA... Read more


¡Guía Te!

The RighT Guide, our tool to assess the human rights impacts of anti trafficking policies is now also available in Spanish.... Read more


Workshop in Amsterdam

The next workshop on the use of CEDAW on local level will be on 7 May 2014 in Amsterdam. More info in Dutch......... Read more


Right Guide also available in Serbian

The RighT Guide, our tool to assess the human rights impact of anti trafficking policies, is now available in Serbian.... Read more


R4C endorsed response of sex workers organisations

Rights4Change endorsed the 'Response to the misguided petition by Equality Now and allies attacking sex worker human rights and the decriminalisation of sex work'... Read more


Rights4Change at WAVE Conference

At the 2013 Conference of WAVE (Women Aigainst Violence Europe) Rights4Change will contribute to the workshop on human rights. In this workshop the tool Mapping Violence Against Women will be presented and used. ... Read more


Human Rights Impact Resource Centre will be updated

Rights 4 Change is about to restructure and update the resource centre on human rights impact assessment ( ... Read more


Workshop on the use of CEDAW on local level

In november, Rights4Change will co-host a workshop on the use of CEDAW on local level (Dutch)... Read more


R4C new Newsletter Available

In this newsletter you will find information on the work with the tool on Domestic Violence, a new report of the World Bank on Human Rights Impact Assessment and information on a new Recommendation by the CEDAW committee on the economic consequences of marriage and divorce for women applied to the Netherlands... Read more


'Only 52% of Dutch women financially independent'

Rights for Change and the Association for Women and Law (Vereniging Vrouw en Recht) organised a successful meeting on the Economic consequences of marriage and divorce following the new release of General Recommendation 29 of the CEDAW Committee. This was hosted at the Women Inc. office – who also have a particular focus on Women and Financial empowerment.... Read more


26 June: Making Human Rights work in Practice

R4C will host the meeting 'Making Human Rights work in Practice'. Meet our team and learn about what we do and how we can work with you and other organisations. Please see the full invitation below. ... Read more


19 June: Economic consequences of marriage and divorce in the Netherlands

On June 19th, Rights4Change and the Dutch Association for Women and Law organise a meeting on CEDAW's new General Recommendation 29 on the economic consequences of marriage, family relations and their dissolution. (Dutch)...... Read more


DOVA in Nepal

With a 5 day workshop on DOVA, WOREC Nepal and other organisations started a research on the lack of access to livelihood for victims/survivors of domestic violence in Nepal. A public launch of the DOVA project was held on May 3rd. Representatives of the Nepali press, government, civil society attended the meeting.... Read more


Rights for Change Annual Report

Rights for Change is proud to present its second Annual report over the year 2012. ... Read more


Successful DOVA workshop at the Commission on the Status of Women

Rights for Change expert Loeky Droesen returned from the Commission on the Status of Women, CSW and held a succesful workshop on DOVA. Learn more about the workshop and find out about the exciting work of South African partners Masimanyane and Mosaic and the upcoming plans of Nepali organisations. ... Read more


Domestic Violence workshop R4C & partners at the Commission on the Status of Women

On the 7th of March 2013, Rights for Change, the Netherlands; WOREC, Women's Rehabilitation Centre, Nepal; Masimanyane, South Africa and the Women’s Support Centre, Kyrgyzstan will host a workshop in New York. The tittle of the workshop is: “Making our Domestic Violence laws and policies work in practice.” In the inter-active workshop, the organizations will share how civil society can do rights based policy research on Domestic Violence to hold their government accountable.... Read more


Workshop Domestic Violence and Human Rights at CSW

During the session of the CSW - Commission on the Status of Women - in March, Rights4Change and some DOVA-partners will organise the workshop 'Making our Domestic Violence laws and policies work in practice'... Read more


Questionnaire on Women's Property Rights

Rights4Change has taken up the idea to develop a human rights assessment tool on women's property rights. Our first step is making an inventory of the problems, and the ways organisations all over the world are addressing it. Moreover, we assess whether a HRIA tool on this topic might have added value. For this purpose we made a questionnaire, and invite all women's and human rights organisations, as well as individual experts, to answer our questions.... Read more


Last Newsletter 2012 is out

In this newsletter, we will share our experiences in trainings in Indonesia, South Africa, Albania and Serbia and our meetings in the Netherlands, our new Advocacy Toolkit. And the invitation to our New Year's meeting. ... Read more


Dutch National Action Plan 1325

Rights for Change is one of the over 40 civil society organisations that signed the Second Dutch National Action Plan 1325 (2012-2015). On the 11th of December the event "Women In War zones; Peace lords for change" took place.... Read more


Workshop at WAVE Conference

At the Conference of WAVE, the European Network on Violence Against Women, Rights4Change lead a workshop on Human Rights Impact Assessment: how to strengthen your advocacy by using international standards.... Read more


Alliance for Self-determination

On 26 September, seven Dutch organisations working on women's rights and violence against women joined themselves in the Alliance for Self-determination, and presented their Manifesto, which focusses on women's rights. Rights4Change supports the Manifesto.... Read more


DOVA in Albania

In the last week of September 2012, Rights4Change and CLCI launch DOVA in Albania and host a DOVA assessment workshop... Read more


Mapping Violence Against Women in Indonesia

In the first week of September, Rights4Change will provide a workshop on Mapping Violence Against Women in Indonesia.... Read more


Workshops on Health Rights in Cape Town

Together with the Women's support Centre from Kyrgyzstan, Rights4Change hosted two workshops on Health rights assessment and policy analysis at The People’s Health Movement (PHM) conference in Cape Town in July 2012... Read more


DOVA Assessment in South Africa

The South African DOVA assessment kicks of with a workshop from 17th until 19th of July... Read more


Round table on Gender and Children

On 13 June 2012 Rights4Change and WO=MEN will organise a Round Table on Gender and Children... Read more


Rights for Change Newsletter #2 is out!

Our newsletter #2 is out, find our experiences on AWID, offer for training, and work with the tools.... Read more


Trainings withou a fee

Rights4Change can provide workshops and in depth trainings on working with our tools. For 2012 we have a small budget to cover training fees, which means we can offer a few trainings for which you only have to pay our travel and subsistence expenses.... Read more


Economics of Domestic Violence at AWID Forum

Rights4Change will be present at the AWID Forum in Istanbul (19-22 April). Together with experts from South Africa and Kyrgyzstan, R4C expert Loeky Droesen will host a panel on The Economics of Domestc Violence. ... Read more


R4C signed statement on Women's Rights and traditional values

... Read more


R4C in Mexico

In March 2012 R4C experts Marjan Wijers and Margreet de Boer visited Mexico, in order to find partners to collaborate with on projects on trafficking and domestic violence.... Read more


Empower develops 'RiGHT Guide' Tapestry

The organisation Empower has used the RiGHTGuide to research the impact of anti-trafficking policy and practice on Sex Worker’s Human Rights in Thailand. They have produced a in-depth report, but have found an excellent way to represent the consequenses for real women in real life with the Mida Tapestry.... Read more


New Year Meeting

On 12 January 2012 Rights4Change had its first New Year meeting... Read more


Human Rights and local policies

Rights4Change offers trainings and support to both local governments and NGOs on human rights and local policies. Rights4Change heeft een aanbod voor gemeenten en lokale belangenorganisaties op het gebeid van mensenrechten en lokaal beleid. ... Read more


Rights4Change Newsletter

Our first newsletter is out!... Read more


DOVA in Sierra Leone

In October 2011 Rights4Change provided a DOVA workshop for Women's and Human Rights NGOs in Sierra Leone... Read more


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