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The realisation of human rights can only be a collaborative effort. Our role is to provide information and (help develop) methodologies on how to apply human rights in practice. From this perspective our tools have also been developed in cooperation with organisations from different countries around the world working on the themes that we specialise in. They each bring their specific knowledge and experience to the table, but most of all ensure the tools that are developed are relevant and useful to apply in practice.
Rights4Change is a member of various organisations and networks, working on (women's) human rights.
Donors play the invaluable role of supporting our work financially, but most of all show a commitment to advancing the (women's) human rights agenda in collaboration.
Please find information on our partner organisations, networks and donors on the following the links below. 

Partner Organisations


Our donors

If you would like to support our work or become a partner in our work, please contact us at info@rightsforchange.org or donate directly to: 
Bank account no. 1984.38.079; Triodos bank
Beneficiary account name: Rights 4 Change, Utrecht
Iban-code: NL97 TRIO 0198 4380 79









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