Our experts:

Rights4Change is a cooperation, in which human rights experts work together.
Besides the experts who are a member of the Cooperation, we work together with several other human rights experts - and organisations.

The experts who constitute Rights4Change are:

Marjan Wijers

Marjan has a degree in Social Sciences and International Law with specialisation in human rights. She is an independent consultant based in Utrecht.
Her main focus over the last 20 years has been on trafficking in human beings. She worked for 12 years at the Dutch Foundation against Trafficking, was the first President of the EU Experts Group on Trafficking, established by the European Commission, has wide experience in lobby and advocacy at national and international level, and developed The RighT guide, a tool to assess the human rights impact of anti-trafficking laws and policies.
Marjan is an experienced researcher, consultant and trainer. She did, inter alia, research on secondary victimisation of victims through the criminal process; on municipal instruments to prevent and combat honour-related violence and protect victims; and on the position of victims of trafficking in the Netherlands. She was involved in reviewing anti-trafficking legislation in Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Armenia and Indonesia, and has developed and implemented trainings for lawyers, police, judges and prosecutors on trafficking in various Eastern European countries. Together with Margreet, Marjan coordinated and drafted the 2004 Dutch CEDAW shadow report.
Marjan has also experience in working on sex workers rights, migrant domestic workers, sexual abuse of children and domestic violence.
You can react Marjan at m.wijers@rights4change.org

 Margreet de Boer

Margreet has a degree in Dutch Law and in Criminology. She is working as a lawyer, specialised in family law and legal aid for victims. 
Besides her work as a lawyer, which she picked up again in 2014, Margreet has a consultancy bureau, PoWR, Projects on Women's Rights. She specialises in research on women's rights issues; development of instruments and protocols, and training on women's rights issues. Together with Marjan, Margreet coordinated and drafted the 2006 Dutch CEDAW shadow report. Margreet has deep knowledge on domestic and sexual violence. She has developed a mapping instrument on Violence Against Women for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and was one of the co-authors of the genderscan of the Dutch approach of Domestic Violence in 2013. For Rights4Change she developed the tool Mapping Violence Against Women.
From 2011-2015 Margreet was an elected member of the Dutch Senate. 
You can reach Margreet at m.deboer@rights4change.org



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