Download The RighT Guide:

Below you find links to the RighT Guide in its original English and French version; and the various translations that have been produced by our partners. 
You can download the tools and use them.

The English and French edition are also available on paper. Please contact us if you want to order them (free copies, you only pay for the shipping costs).

The Downloads:

The RighTGuide, a tool to assess the human rights impact of anti-trafficking laws and policies 

French / Francais:
DroiTs pour tous; Guide pour évaluer l’impact des lois et politiques anti-traite sur les droits de l’homme
Fiches pratiques

Vodič PravA, Priručnik za procenu uticaja politika borbe protiv trgovine ljudima na ljudska prava  

¡GuíaTe! Una herramienta para evaluar el impacto en los derechos humanos de las leyes y las políticas públicas que buscan erradicar la trata de personas (Spanish)
Guías informativas

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